Agroflora SA was founded at 2005 and supplies Greek and International market with hobby market potting soil. 
The plant is a modern production unit for the procession of substrates and fertilisers, in self-owned premises at Lakkoma, near the ports of Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki, making the transportation of the products all over the world more conducive.
The organisation of the company and the selection of the proper machinery, ensure maximum productivity and consistently high product quality. The production is fully automated, electronically controlled, producing with accuracy the recipes of all products. These products are packed in double-film packages in order to remain intact and to protect them from the sun and other outdoor conditions.
The raw materials have the quality standards and they originated from Germany and Lithuania. The daily volume, pH and electroconductivity control ensure the excellent quality which together with the expanded variety of the products can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Agroflora sa operates in the Greek market and exports in European and Balkan countries and in Asia, Middle and the Far East as well.

The organisation’s structures comply with German standards and there are separate departments, such as the administration, the commercial and technical. The presence of qualified and experienced personnel ensures the best service of the customers. 

Foundation of Agroflora Sa company and operation of the production line for the production of potting soil for hobby market based on German standards.
Start of export activity in Balkan countries and Cyprus.
Purchase of the neighboring field and expansion of the storage capacity.
Construction of cocopeat processing unit.
Construction of underground and overground tanks for the collection and exploitation of the rainwater.
Activity expansion and collaboration with well-known DIY chains abroad.
Dynamic growth of the product portfolio with the addition of specialized products for the cultivation of acidophilus plants, herbs, vegetables, citrus, Orchids and other plants.